Ancient Falls Starting Line

Dino Domain Edit

Course 1: Ancient Lake Edit

Balloon Race Requirement: 1 Balloon

Level: *

Bananas: 21

Balloons: 4 Red, 4 Blue

Description: Edit

The First Course Available To Players Besides The Mainland, Ancient Lake Is A Simple Introduction To Simple Game Mechanics Like Banana Use And Zippers. There Are Two SHortcuts And One Hidden Object To Collect In This Course. There Are Also 21 Bananas To Collect. The Only Obstacle Is A Giant Dinosaur That Occasionally Crosses The Road Between The Two Lakes.

Walkthough Edit

Don't forget to get a super boost off the starting line so you can get three bananas at the start of the race. If you didn't, they'll all probably be gone before you can get there. It's a simple course, really. The hardest parts are the dinosaur on the backstretch and the S-curve about halfway through. It's also a little tough to hit the last Zipper because you have to finish turning while in the boost. It's easy for novices to go off the track. Excellent place for beginners to train.

SHORTCUT 1 (Does not work in time trial)

Level: **

Laps: All

When you get to the S-curve, hit the Zipper (Super Boost Needed!) and cut through the grass. Use the balloon in the middle of the field to get through the rest of the grass without losing speed. It'll save you a little time, but you can only cut off a slice of the corner in Time Trial.

SHORTCUT 2 (Plane Only)

Level: ***

Laps: All

Cut over the lake on the backstretch.

Hidden Key Edit

You can get the Key by saving the turbo you would normally use before the finish line, and using it when you reach the furst turn. You should see a key on a ramp in the grass. Turbo to it, and do a slide over the ramp, to get back on track fast, and easily, while still nailing the key.

Doing So Will Not Only Score You The Key To The Dino Domain T.T Challenge, But Won't Harm Your Chances Of Scoring An Easy First Place Ribbon!

Diddykongracing screen2

Course 2: Fossil Canyon Edit

Course 2: Fossil Canyon

Balloon Race Requirement: 2 Balloons

Level: ***

Bananas: 19

Balloons: 8 Green, 4 Red, 3 Blue

Description Edit

My Favourite of The Four Dino Domain Courses, Fossil Canyon Is A Decently Simple Course With Alot Of Chances To Pull Ahead On The Zippers And Shortcuts Or Fall Behind With The Introduction Of The Green Balloons.

Walkthough Edit

Get the boost on the start of the race, and hit both bananas in front of you. Soon after them, is a zipper, so take your hand of the A button, and hit it. Hit the green balloon, just as you turn the corner. Once around the corner, move over to the right side of the road. Pick up the two bananas, and hit the zipper just past them - Also, drop your oil slick right in front of the zipper. People will hit it, so you can use it in the next lap. Now, this next part has two paths. You can take the long way, and go around the lake, but it's best to hit the zipper, going over the lake. However, let go before you hit the zipper, or you won't make it. Just after landing, make a sharp left, and enter the tunnel. Use your slide to get both bananas, and then move to the left, around the turn, and hit the zipper. There are red, green, and blue balloons here, but if you are in first red won't help. If you get either the blue or green ones, just use them right away. Anyway, head foeward, and drive over the gap. In the air, you can catch a green balloon. When you land, you'll be at a fork in the road. Take the right path, and grab the blue balloon - Drop your green one just before you hit it - Use it, and you'll be blasted forward. You'll go over a small hill, and land on the road. The finish line will be just ahead.

SHORTCUT 1 Level: ******** Laps: 2 and 3 After you go under the arch with the red balloon (hitting the Zipper), there is another Zipper pointing directly towards the pond. Hit it and you'll sail over the pond, headed toward the tunnel. If you're using a REALLY fast character, you can actually bounce WAY off course after you hit the other side of the pond. This is tougher to do in the hovercraft, but the penalty is less steep if you miss. You can also do this with the plane.

SHORTCUT 2 Level: *** Laps: All Take the left-hand path on the backstretch. It's bumpy, but shorter.